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Order Fulfillment Learn More

Stored, packed, delivered! Our cloud-based fulfillment software easily integrates with your shopping cart platform and automatically captures your orders. You’ll have real-time visibility of your product during every step of the process; everything is streamlined to ensure your customers get their orders as quickly as possible!

B2B Fulfillment Learn More

Many ShippingTree customers wholesale their product, and ShippingTree is just as suited for B2B fulfillment as it is for ecommerce fulfillment. Our pricing is unbeatable and we know how to comply with all the major retailers’ strict receiving guidelines.

Kitting and
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Sometimes, in order to deliver the perfect product, kitting and assembly is required. Whether that’s kitting for a subscription-based service or assembly for watches that have multiple strap options, ShippingTree is the only fully customizable solution out there. Whatever your needs are, we can do it.

Gifts Learn More

Whether you offer gift wrapping services on your website or manage a dedicated gift shop, ShippingTree can handle all your custom gifting needs!

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Returns are annoying – but they don’t have to be as annoying as you’ve grown used to! The ShippingTree platform allows for easy returns processing, and our customizable model gives you various options in terms of inspection, quarantine and re-stocking of your returned inventory.

FBA Prep Services Learn More

We receive, inspect and prepare your goods to be received at amazon FBA centers.

Freight & Customs
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Our freight and customs brokerage teams have over 50 years of experience moving precious cargo from around the world into the U.S. market. With representatives in Hong Kong and mainland China, ShippingTree ensures that your product will reach the U.S. as planned with no nasty surprises!

Storage Learn More

Our warehouse is located in Cypress, California – just a few miles from major airports and one of the biggest commercial sea ports in the world. We use live, 24/7 video monitoring and state of the art security to make sure your product is always safe.


Apparel and Accessories:

Whatever the product or price point, the ShippingTree platform can be customized to fit your specific needs. ShippingTree can be completely white-labeled so your customers won’t even know we’re there!

Consumer Electronics and Accessories:

Same day processing, low shipping rates and live tracking all make sure your customers get their gadgets as quickly and easily as possible.

Direct-to-Consumer Retail Models:

Direct-to-consumer brands have been successfully disrupting the conventional retail model for the past few years now. To successfully build a brand off this model, you need to have enterprise-grade logistics capabilities to ensure a smooth customer experience. The ShippingTree platform is designed specifically to help you behind the scenes, freeing up your time to focus on your brand!

Crowdfunding Campaigns:

The crowdfunding industry has turned into an absolute behemoth. We help brands that have been oversaturated with the insane volume of orders that come with a successful campaign. ShippingTree can manage their supply chain and get the product to their customers within the promised deadline. We can handle everything from picking up product at the factory to getting it shipped out to backers.

Luxury Goods:

The ShippingTree warehouse is fully secured and has 24/7 video surveillance. We also have a secure storage area specifically designed to hold your most valuable items.


Integrate your shopping cart with our web-based platform. Orders are automatically pulled from your system and tracking information is pushed back to you once the order has shipped.


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