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How Ships 1200% More Orders Per Month With ShippingTree

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We felt like they were going to take care of our brand and business the way we wanted to.

— Nick Noble, COO,

Imagine running a business where you were scared to run a sale or promotion out of fear you couldn’t fulfill orders. How would you ever grow? Far too often, small businesses have check-the-box partnerships that place them in growth-limiting situations.

Matcha is an ultimate form of green tea cultivated only in Japan and has been a passion of André Fasciola since 2007. But it wasn’t until 2016 when he turned his passion into a business, co-founding alongside Dr. Andrew Weil.

To fulfill orders, they were using a small Boston-based partner to handle importation and fulfillment. Like many small businesses, they faced limitations. The Matcha staff manually inputted tracking codes into Shopify, faced extended delivery times, and kitting products themselves was time-consuming. More time doing these tasks meant less time to grow the business.

The limitations also meant that whenever there was a sales push or promotion they couldn’t put their foot on the gas to maximize sales potential for fear of not being able to ship orders.

Then one day, things changed. Co-founder Dr. Andrew Weil appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast, causing orders to skyrocket. The fear was realized when their fulfillment partner couldn’t keep up with the demand.

Matcha knew they needed a change and began searching for a new partner who could help them accelerate their growth.

The Personal Touch of a True Fulfillment Partner

In 2019, Fasciola and COO Nick Noble started their search for a new fulfillment and logistics partner. They needed one that seamlessly integrates with Shopify and could support their rapid growth. They met with multiple companies whose sales teams were impersonal, didn’t take the time to understand their business, and appeared to be juggling multiple accounts.

Not ShippingTree.

With ShippingTree, Fasciola and Noble didn’t feel like just another account — they felt valued. ShippingTree’s executives were very personable, easily reached, and upfront about how they could support Matcha’s growth.

Take kitting, for example. Matcha has a particular way of kitting and needs a creative, trusted partner to deliver a consistent customer experience. Other providers were either too expensive or overly templatized. “It was like we were told we needed to fit a square peg into a square hole,” says Noble. “ShippingTree, on the other hand, was willing to do it the way we wanted. We felt like they were going to take care of our brand and business.”

Matcha knew ShippingTree was the perfect fit to handle their fulfillment services, including kitting, same-day delivery, FBA, palletization, and customer service as a service.

If you’re a growing business, ShippingTree is a safe bet to get the logistics figured out.

— André Fasciola, co-founder, Matcha

How ShippingTree Helped Matcha Seamlessly Scale 13x

For Fasciola and Noble, ShippingTree has been a true partner. As Matcha grew, there were a lot of unknowns with their plans. ShippingTree provided real-world feedback that allowed them to explore possibilities to make operations more efficient.

Where other fulfillment companies might otherwise say ‘you’re on your own,’ with ShippingTree, the Matcha team can hop on the phone and talk about how other brands are finding success, such as which box or packaging works best for different products. “That taught us a lot and saved us a lot of time, energy, and effort,” says Fasciola. “The ability to translate their experience to our business model is the epitome of a great partnership.”

The partnership has been a decisive win for Matcha. They’ve spent less time on logistics and more time on growing the business. This freedom and trust in ‘fulfillment done right’ allowed Matcha to launch at full speed their industry-leading subscription program, Matcha Prime, which further fueled their rapid growth.

Whether it’s a one-off or subscription order they deliver a consistent and sophisticated customer experience. They ship orders quickly. More importantly, they can keep their foot on the gas pedal. Here’s how Matcha has benefited from choosing ShippingTree.


1200% more products shipped/month (OR 13x growth)

Same-day shipping

Same-day shipping on most orders (old provider shipped only 2x/week)

Shopify integration

• No more manually inputting tracking numbers
• The integration allows for mobile app creation

FBA services

FBA services = increased Amazon sales

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