Fulfillment Centers in Los Angeles, California

Our fulfillment center in Los Angeles handles the eCommerce shipping needs of businesses throughout Los Angeles and beyond.

We provide you with an affordable, tailored solution to your fulfillment needs through our fulfillment services in Los Angeles. With LA being a global center for world commerce and California being an incredibly lucrative market, outsourcing your fulfillment needs to ShippingTree’s LA fulfillment center places you in a powerful position to meet the needs and expectations of your customers.

Why Outsource Fulfillment?

Deciding to outsource fulfillment is a complex process. With so many fulfillment services in Los Angeles to choose from, it can be tough to avoid sub-par services.

The smallest eCommerce businesses often attempt to manage their own fulfillment needs in-house to keep costs down. While this can be easy for businesses with few customers and minimal growth, an explosion in popularity could quickly lead to your organization being snowed under by the deluge of orders.

So, why should you start looking at fulfillment companies in Los Angeles for your logistical needs?

  • Your company is growing, and you are shipping more than 100 orders every month.
  • You are spending more and more time packing boxes and shipping.
  • Logistics is taking away from developing new products, marketing, and customer support.
  • You are struggling to find space for your inventory in-house.
  • Building a distribution infrastructure isn’t right for your business.

At ShippingTree, our California fulfillment center manages the fulfillment needs of small, growing businesses and larger companies, shipping thousands of orders every year.

Our tailored approach to eCommerce fulfillment is all about saving you time, money, and stress.

Benefits of Outsourcing to a Fulfillment Center in Los Angeles

If you’re unsure that a fulfillment center in Los Angeles is the right strategic move for your growing business, it’s time to consider the benefits.

You may not be a supply chain master or a logistics expert. With ShippingTree, we make sure you don’t have to be. Here’s why it’s time to outsource to our fulfillment center in California:

Five-Star Inventory Management

Our remote dashboard enables you to track your inventory at our fulfillment warehouse in Los Angeles in real-time. We also offer immediate alerts for when your stock levels are running low.

Omnichannel Support

Whether selling on eBay or using Amazon FBA, ShippingTree can do it all. We take pride in ensuring our customers only need one California fulfillment center.

Full-Service eCommerce Solutions

We handle everything from storage to packing to branded boxes. We also handle reverse logistics, so you can continue to service your customers even when you get returns.

Intelligent Algorithms

Using the power of algorithms, we work to keep your costs down. Tailormade order fulfillment in Los Angeles is our specialty.

Two-Day Shipping

We strive to guarantee two-day shipping to all your customers. With eCommerce customers demanding fast, affordable shipping, you can guarantee consistently speedy delivery times every time.

Why You Should Choose ShippingTree

If you’re looking for a Los Angeles-based fulfillment service, you already know that you’re spoiled for choice. In this global commerce hub, you need to be able to separate the good from the great.

ShippingTree specializes in providing a user-friendly eCommerce solution for every business. Combining top-quality inventory management, packing, and shipping services, we are determined to meet the needs of the modern entrepreneur through our tech-driven inventory and warehousing management platform.

Here are some more reasons why our fulfillment center in Los Angeles can meet the needs of your business.

eCommerce Made Simple

The ShippingTree platform enables remote, real-time inventory management. Work with us around the clock and quickly make changes to your logistics with our help. You’re not outsourcing; you’re partnering.

Fully Integrated

Sell where your customers shop. Our platform can be fully integrated with a range of platforms. It’s compatible with all business models, including traditional eCommerce, subscription platforms, and alternative marketplaces.

Our omnichannel platform can be used on Amazon, eBay, and Shopify, as well as on your very own website.

Bundling and Kitting for More Profits

Enhance the value of your orders and upsell to your customers by kitting multiple products with ShippingTree.

Whether you’re in retail or selling subscription boxes, showcase your best with our eCommerce fulfillment solutions.

Sell an Exceptional Customer Service

Throw away the brown boxes and brand every order. We help you market your brand even after a transaction has been completed for a truly memorable customer experience.

Our premium fulfillment services in LA can also handle reverse logistics and provide refunds in as little as two business days after getting the item back.

We understand that intelligent eCommerce isn’t about numbers; it’s about experiences. To begin crafting a streamlined distribution infrastructure, contact ShippingTree and transform your eCommerce business.

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