Third Party Logistics

Order Fulfillment: Stored, packed, delivered! Our cloud-based fulfillment software easily integrates with your shopping cart platform and automatically captures your orders. You’ll have real-time visibility of your product during every step of the process; everything is streamlined to ensure your customers get their orders as quickly as possible!

FBA Prep Services: We receive, inspect and prepare your goods to be received at amazon FBA centers.

Returns Processing: Returns are annoying – but they don’t have to be as annoying as you’ve grown used to! The ShippingTree platform allows for easy returns processing, and our customizable model gives you various options in terms of inspection, quarantine and re-stocking of your returned inventory.

Third Party Logistics (3PL) Fulfillment Services

Third-party logistics services are an invaluable resource for many eCommerce sellers. They are used to outsource vital logistics processes such as warehousing, inventory, and order fulfillment.

With 3PL, logistics become much more efficient, allowing online businesses to save on various overhead costs and improve how the orders are handled and shipped out. That can create an advantage in the market, improving customer satisfaction and bringing in more business while also reducing operational costs.

Even though 3rd party logistics are not a new concept, tools like ShippingTree are taking it to another level. It offers comprehensive 3PL fulfillment services for direct-to-consumer businesses, providing coast-to-coast coverage with 2-day shipping, excellent customer experience, and flexibility that can adjust to any situation.

Let’s explore the different 3PL company services below.

3PL Warehousing

Warehousing is one of the most frustrating overhead costs businesses have to deal with. But even when working with 3PL, logistics involved in ensuring that warehousing works effectively is not a given.

Just because you work with a 3PL service provider doesn’t mean that you will be protected from delays in logging inventory, lack of visibility, or even regularly lost items.

But at ShippingTree, we understand the challenges that 3PL warehousing comes with and have taken steps to eliminate as many of the common challenges as possible.

For one thing, we have an average dock-to-stock time of just 25.8 hours, meaning that your products will be processed and added to inventory at a rate that will ensure you’re always covered.

You can also expect to know exactly how your inventory is changing in real-time, allowing you to make adjustments as necessary and accurately project both immediate and long-term needs.

3PL Shipping

The order is not fulfilled until the products reach the customer safely and quickly. And that’s why shipping is such an integral part of 3PL services.

You need to use a service that provides you and your customers with accurate tracking information that is updated immediately, which can help spot issues quickly and ensure that there are no hiccups.

At the same time, using a third-party logistics provider will also give you better shipping rates. This is because of the more established network that ShippingTree has established over time.

Benefits of 3PL Services

There’s a reason why 3PL services have become so popular. If you choose to work with ShippingTree, it can completely change how your business operates, allowing you to make more sales, provide a better service to your customers, and focus your resources more effectively.

But how exactly can 3PL improve your eCommerce business? Let’s look at a few key benefits below.

Reduce Expenses
Building an effective supply chain from scratch is very difficult, especially if you’re a small eCommerce business without the necessary resources or network.

But if you want to compete as an online seller, you must match the expectations of your audience, which are a reflection of the types of order fulfillment speeds offered by industry leaders. And that can get expensive, fast.

By leveraging 3PL, logistics doesn’t have to be a challenge. You can take advantage of the efficient processes of the 3PL provider and drive down costs while also offering a premium order fulfillment system to your customers.

Focus on Operations
As an eCommerce owner, you probably have enough on your plate besides having to worry about logistics. Therefore, if you don’t want to overwhelm yourself, it’s a good idea to outsource the process to professionals who know what they’re doing and can offer their expertise and proven processes.

That way, you can focus on running your business, building your brand, and offering the best products to your customers. And once they do place an order, you can rest assured that the products will reach them quickly and without any issues.

Expansion Opportunities
Being able to reach new markets is the fastest way to grow. But if you don’t have the right connections or logistics systems in place, entering new markets is very difficult.

One limiting factor is the lack of connections in a new area. But there’s also the additional warehousing, equipment, and labor requirements that can put a massive strain on your budget.
But that’s where 3PL can be so beneficial.

By leveraging the nationwide networks of ShippingTree, you can ensure timely order fulfillment to customers anywhere in the country, greatly expanding your reach and providing you with more opportunities to make sales.

The ShippingTree Difference
With ShippingTree 3PL, logistics are simplified. You don’t have to be a supply chain expert to use our platform as it was built on the idea that eCommerce stores of all sizes should have an easy-to-use and intuitive way to outsource their order fulfillment. Our straightforward interface is a significant reason our clients choose to work with us.

You can trust our established warehousing and fulfillment networks across the nation and know that we’ll be a reliable partner every step of the way.

When you want fast order fulfillment, detailed insights about your inventory, and a top-of-the-line customer experience, look no further than ShippingTree.

At the same time, you don’t have to worry about our 3PL services being too advanced for your needs. With us, you only pay for what you use and never have to make long-term commitments or deal with last-minute policy changes.

You get premium features such as gifts, kitting & assembly, returns processing, and more, all for an affordable and flexible price that’s adjustable based on your current needs.